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SPRING into the new YOU!

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Swiss Brightening Cream


Made with Mother Nature’s best offerings,

Swiss Brightening Cream helps to reverse

hyperpigmentation and balances the skins-ph.



≈♥Get perfect beachy waves, every time!♥≈



Let’s be honest, making a trip to the seaside everytime you want a beachy style is just not feasible.

Luckily we’ve got some top tips to help you master the beach wave, anytime!


1. REDKEN Beach Envy Wave-Aid is essential to achieving the messy texture required for this style! Spritz generously through damp hair & scrunch.

2. After you spritz, it’s time to construct a bun! Depending on the thickness of your hair you can choose to throw it all up into one                                        bun or 2-4 smaller ones. Leave to dry overnight and in the morning you should wake up to flowing tousled locks.

                          3. If you want a more defined wave then get your hands on a thick barrelled curler and start practicing. The trick here is to pick                                    random sections of hair and loosely wrap them around the heated barrell for just a few seconds, alternating direction as you go.

                         4. To finish off your tousled hair look, find a hairspray that will provide the hold without the weight. You want your waves to                                          bounce and not look sticky. 

T H E – G I F T – T H A T – K E E P S – O N – G I V I N G

sa·♥•°           SHEAR ARTISTRY GIFT CARDS          °•♥·sa 

Sending a gift card gives your giftee the flexibility to get the

treatment they’ve been craving. We offer gift cards that cater

for all gift buying budgets.Top your gift card up with any

amount we’ll pop it in one of our special gift card envelopes

and send it directly to your recipient.

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