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 Better known as Swiss Edelweiss, this well-known
mountain flower, belonging to the daisy or sunflower
family, is found only at altitudes above 6000ft.
Over thousands of years, this ruggedly beautiful flower has
adapted to the harsh thin climate of the mountains and has
developed exceptional protection against deadly UVA
and UVB rays.

Edelweiss is hard to find on the steep slopes of the
Alps and it is a short-lived flower, making it rare and may only
be cultivated by those with extensive knowledge and hard to
gain permits.

With an anti-oxidant powerhouse complex that is twice as
strong as Vitamin C, Edelweiss, has free-radical reducing
structures, chlorogenic acid (cleansing properties), beta
sisterol (skin calming substance), and works deep in the skin
to deliver critical moisture content and cell strength.

According to Swiss folk tradition, giving this flower to a
loved one is a promise of dedication. At GS we are honored
to give this incredible and beautiful flower to you in the
Skinfood Ultra Vital and Skinfood Extra Riche moisturizers;
our dedication and promise to deliver only the best in
Swiss Skin Care.


Cosmetic quality is what department, drug and grocery stores
typically sell. These include the big and expensive brands and
the cheaper ones. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
allows cosmetic grade products to contain up to 30% bacteria.
This means that ingredients may only be 70% pure. It is a large
breeding ground for bacteria. This is why makeup packaging
tells us to throw away any unused product every 90-180 days.
And 95% of the skincare industry is cosmetic quality and
unregulated by the FDA. Cosmetic companies are not required
to register their products with the FDA, while cosmetic products are
subjective and do not reflect or require scientific testing.

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients used in skin care products
are FDA regulated. The FDA requires that pharmaceutical grade
ingredients be 99.9% pure. Products must contain 0.1%, or less,
of bacteria. Only 5% of the skincare industry is under the regulation established
by the FDA and considered pharmaceutical grade skin care
products. All ingredients, in all Gerda Spillmann products,
are 100% Pharmaceutical grade.